Carpet Beetle Control and Carpet Beetle Extermination

Pest Control
By Tiberius6996 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Carpet beetles are a commonly found household pests. You can also find them in museums. They are often found in carpets or on rugs. Carpet Beetles are notorious for causing severe damage. Typically Carpet Beetles feed on the wool found in carpeting, however they are also known to eat silk, hair, and fur. They won’t eat man-made things, such as the food in your kitchen, but they will eat grains and spices. They prefer darker spaces where they can hide easily, such as under furnishings and in corners of closets. One of the best prevention methods for Carpet Beetles is to routinely vacuum and dust areas you may not think about at first. No one likes moving the couch to vacuum under it, but it is necessary to keep Carpet Beetles from nesting.

Many times, you can try to dry out the larvae by exposing the areas that you find them to direct sunlight. The larvae of Carpet Beetles are round dark little worms. You can keep food that they would seek out, such as wool and fur, in air tight containers. You can also add to this keeping any foods from your kitchen that they may seek out in plastic containers that they wouldn’t be able to get into. An effective method to attempt to get rid of them is to steam clean the carpets, this is a step above vacuuming and the extreme heat from the steam will kill any Carpet Beetles.

There are several products you can use if your Carpet Beetle problem is getting out of control. Mostly, these are low in toxicity and are powders that you can sprinkle in areas where you may notice major signs of infestation, such as Boric Acid. While Carpet Beetles can be very destructive, you can easily try to get ahead of them before they cause any severe damage.