Chinch Bug Control and Chinch Bug Extermination

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Commonly found in the most southern states, Chinch Bugs are the major cause of turfgrass damage, such as St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass. These bugs will soak up the sap found in grasses, while also injecting a serum that will disrupt the movement of water through the plant so that it will die. This kind of damage can often be confused with damage caused by a drought, however the major difference that you can find will be that when given water the grass will not come back to life. Chinch bugs will often start near the middle of grassy areas and work their way out to the edges.

The easiest way to check for chinch bugs on your own is called the “tin can method” which is when you take a can and, with both ends cut out, press it into an area of your lawn. Fill the can with a little bit of water, and the chinch bugs should float to the surface. If you’re not sure what chinch bugs look like, they are fairly easy to recognize. They range in color from black to red, depending on age, and will have white wings and a white stripe on their body. The most common time to find chinch bugs is during the summer months, June through September, if you live in an area where summer is a prolonged period of time, such as in Florida, you may experience chinch bug season being prolonged. Occasionally, chinch bugs can last year round, if conditions prove to be warm enough for them.

If you do have a chinch bug issue, there are several types of lawn treatments that you can use known to kill chinch bugs. You can also get a professional to look into the issue if it continues.