Cockroach Control and Cockroach Extermination

Pest Control
By Photo by Joăo Estęvăo A. de Freitas ( [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Probably the most common household pest, and one of the most hated, are cockroaches. You might have experience with these pesky insects or you may know someone who has had an issue with them. They are not fun, and definitely not easy to get rid of, often they fit into tiny cracks to hide and their shedding can bother people with allergies or asthma. Cockroaches can be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of as they often have troubles being dried out or starved out. Many times, you don’t realize the crumbs that can be left behind, and even if you get all of the food and crumbs to where Roaches can no longer use them as a food source, these resilient insects can last up to a month without food, relying exclusively on water. This is why one of the most important things you can do to prevent an infestation is to ensure that there are no leaky faucets or plumbing.

Often you can find that a cluttered house is a haven for cockroaches. The more things that they have to hide in or around can provide easier nesting for them. The most common way that cockroaches gain entry into your home is through bringing materials in from another place. They can hide in cardboard boxes until they’re safe in your home, where they then seek out nesting ground to reproduce and repopulate. They tend to seek out dark and uninhabited spaces to form their nests. These can include in in cabinets and behind baseboards. Roaches are known to be able to fit into very tiny crevices, which is why it is important if you think you are having a roach problem to inspect every square inch of your home.

While there are several different types of “roach killing” sprays and other chemicals out there, many are actually just repellents and will push the roaches to a new area. This can be especially tricky if you live in a place where you share a wall with someone, often if they have cockroaches so will you. One of the best ways to eliminate a cockroach problem is cutting off all food, nutrition, and shelter sources while also using a low grade insecticide to kill them.