Mosquito Control and Mosquito Extermination

Pest Control

Many people get hyped up for summertime, but you know what else come with summertime? Mosquito time. Mosquito season typically starts in the spring time, with its peak being during the hot sticky summer nights. One of the biggest concerns with mosquitoes isn’t how annoying they are, but how many diseases they are known to carry. Most commonly you’ll hear about the Zika virus, West Nile Virus, and Malaria.

While having a pond in your neighborhood can make for a cute view, it is also a haven for mosquitos, as they prefer to lay their eggs in standing water. While ponds and large bodies of water are great for large quantities of mosquitoes, any standing water near your home can provide a nesting ground. This includes: puddles, bird-baths-swimming pools, and even cups that you may have forgotten about.

Even if you reduce mosquito nesting grounds around your home, you will probably still have to deal with mosquitoes to some extent. While many cities have the “mosquito truck” that drives by spraying pesticide to kill them, there a couple non-pesticide related way to protect yourself from bites. You can purchase mosquito netting to cover any open areas, such as porches. Make sure you keep windows and doors closed to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. You can also purchase insect repellents, the ones you see in the store, which don’t kill mosquitoes but will help keep them off of you. It is best to keep small children indoors during the dusk and evening time, when mosquitoes are most active.

You can also try spraying pesticides yourself to reduce the mosquito population, however it is best to check with your community or city to see what pesticides they use so that you can decide if you want to move forward with your own as well.