Spider Control and Spider Extermination

Pest Control

One in every ten people are afraid of spiders, myself included. These eight legged little monsters are the cause of several horror scenes and invade many people’s nightmares. Most times these fears are unwarranted, as most spiders are shy and more afraid of humans than we are of them – as unbelievable as that sounds. While all spiders have a form of venom, most do not have fangs sharp enough to pierce human skin. Even if they do have the capability to bite through skin, it is not often that they will chase you down to bite you, spider bites are commonly their last form of defense when they feel cornered.

Spiders can be beneficial to have in or near the home for controlling the smaller insect population. However, if you’re afraid of having them around, there are things you can do to prevent them from coming near. Inside, you can clear clutter in dark spaces where spiders prefer to hide. Outside, you can get rid of wood piles where spiders love to make their homes. Both inside and outside, you should clear any webs that you come across to remove eggs. Pesticides often are not very effective against spiders, it may kill a few but they are not very effective in the long term.

When spiders are outside, they provide an excellent form of pest control and are rarely a threat to humans. They often are seen building webs on plants, they do not cause any threat to plants. If you do have a spider building a web on one of your plants, it is best to jut spray it down with water to break the bonds of the web and shake the spider off. Regardless of how helpful they may be, you can still find me cowering in a corner at a spider the size of my pinky nail.