Stink Bug Control and Stink Bug Extermination

Pest Control

While Stink Bugs are no threat to the structure of your home or to you, they can be exceedingly annoying. Stink Bugs mate during the spring, meaning that you can see an increase in the population by summertime. Stink Bugs feed on plants, especially those containing fruits and vegetables. They can cause severe damage to the plants, and can also spread diseases between the plants that they feed on. These bugs are found all over America, but we have seen an increase in population since the introduction of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

Stink bugs will seek shelter during the winter time, which is when they find their way into your home. While there is no risk of them chewing through your wood or chasing you out of your own home, stink bug infestations are known to get somewhat severe. Stink bugs are known for releasing their pungent odor to repel predators, however, they also use it to attract other stink bugs to the area. This is how infestations can grow quickly, if a stink bug finds safe shelter in your home, it will start to secrete the odor to alert other stink bugs that there is a safe place. It is a common misconception that if you kill a stink bug you will end up attracting other stink bugs. This is not true, so if you find a stink bug in your house, go ahead and use your boot to smash it.

The best way to prevent stink bugs from entering the home is to seal up any entrances that they may use to gain entry to the home. Once everything is sealed tightly, you can capture any lone survivors by killing them when you see them and vacuuming regularly to pick up any young ones that you might not see.